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Consumer Solutions


Many years ago, a renowned athletic footwear company featured a commercial in which a favorite 80s villain chased an athletic woman through the woods to no avail because he tired quickly and the woman out ran him.  Of course, the implication was that she prevailed because she had on her "power" shoes.  Consumer solutions are much like those shoes - they empower the unwary consumer in all facets of dealings. Armed with the right information and legal team, you can evade bad business dealings.  

Wilburn Law Firm Consumer Law

Whenever you purchase or borrow money (e.g., used a credit card) to purchase goods or services for your own use, then you are entitled to certain rights as a consumer.There are laws designed to protect you against unfair dealings with merchants, banks, and other commercial entities. The laws not only regulate businesses from unfair trade practices, but they also provide relief for you when you become overextended and your debts exceed your income.   Even when you decide to participate in the financial markets by investing in stock, bonds, or a retirement account that invests in the market, you have rights. 

The Wilburn Law Firm will represent

  • your claim against a dishonest business, 

  • you in a bankruptcy proceeding, or

  • you in an action against a broker-dealer or investment advisor who engaged in misconduct.


After all, it's your rights.


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